Our Distributed ASCI Supercomputer (DAS) provides a computational infrastructure for researchers in ASCI who investigate various aspects of parallel, distributed, embedded and datacenter computing, and large-scale multimedia content analysis and synthesis.
Advanced School for Computing and Imaging
The Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI) is the Dutch research school for high-quality research and education in computer systems and imaging systems. ASCI encompasses almost all Dutch universities with computer-science departments. It offers a course programme for doctoral students, it provides the Distributed ASCI Supercomputer experimental infrastructure to its members, and it sponsors two annual national conferences on computer systems and imaging.
In 2020, ASCI celebrates its 25th anniversary!
ASCI brings computing and imaging to life--become a member!
And in 2020 we celebrate our 25th anniversary! For 25 years we have been a succesful research school. Join us and benefit from our high-level, in-depth computer and imaging systems courses, from the DAS experimentation platform, from the conferences sponsored by ASCI, and from the ASCI's national computer and imaging systems research community!
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