DAS Workshop 2013

DAS workshop
February 13, 2013

On Wednesday 13 February 2013 the ASCI research school organized a 1-day workshop on the Distributed ASCI Supercomputer (DAS) project, which so far produced four generations of systems in 16 years.

Keynote speaker was prof. Renato Figueiredo (University of Florida, HPDC 2013 program chair).

The invited talks covered the relation with SURFnet and research on cloud benchmarking. The program also included presentations on many award-winning projects that were done with various DAS systems, showing the wide range of systems and application research performed with this unique facility. Among the speakers were a VIDI winner and two VENI winners.

The projects that were covered have won the ICT Research 2012 Prize, The Enlighten Your Research 2011 Sustainability prize, the IEEE SCALE 2010 challenge, many TRECVID awards, and numerous other achievements (see http://www.cs.vu.nl/das4/achievements.shtml).

The workshop was well attended, with over 90 scientists from different universities and (research)organizations. During the breaks and afterwards lively discussions took place. The presentations can be found below as well as some pictures. 



Henri Bal (VU)
Welcome and short overview DAS

Renato Figueiredo (University of Florida)
Self-organizing Virtual Private Networks and Applications

Erik Huizer (SURFnet)
SURFnet vision, where will it meet DAS?

Cees Snoek (University of Amsterdam)
Empowering Visual Search by CPUs, GPUs and Compressed Kernels

Alexandru Iosup (TU Delft)
Benchmarking the cloud: past, present, and future

John Romein (ASTRON)
From Uni-core to Many-core, the Splendor of DAS-1 to 4

Clemens Grelck (University of Amsterdam)
Resource-agnostic Programming of Heterogeneous Architectures with Single Assignment C (SAC)

Ana Varbanescu (TU Delft)
Matchmaking Big Data and the DAS

Rob van Nieuwpoort (Netherlands eScience Center)
Pulsar searching on GPU's

Jacopo Urbani (VU)
A Reasonable Web

Wojtek Kowalczyk (Leiden University)
Teaching Distributed Data Mining on DAS4: how to do it right?



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