Organization of ASCI

The day to day management of ASCI is the responsibility of the ASCI Management Team, which consists of a scientific director and two section heads for Computer Systems and Imaging Systems respectively. The Management Team is adviced on research policy by the Research Committee and on education policy by the Educational Committee. The ASCI Office facilitates the implementation of the Management Team's tasks.

The final responsibility lies with the Board. So the Management Team answers to the Board. The socalled External Advisory Committee advices the Board concerning research policy.

Management team of ASCI

  • Scientific Director Henri Bal (VU, chair)
  • Head, Computer Systems Section
    Prof.dr. Henk Corporaal
  • Head, Imaging Systems Section Inald Lagendijk (TUD)

ASCI Board

  • Dick Epema (TUD, chair)
  • Frank van der Stappen (UU)
  • A. Pras (UT-EWI)
  • Prof.dr.H.A.G. Wijshoff (UL-LIACS)
  • Dr.-Ing. habil. Thilo Kielmann (VU)
  • Cees de Laat (UvA)

Research Committee

  • Prof. dr. Marc van Kreveld (UU, chair)
  • Dr. Michael S. Lew (LIACS)
  • Dr. Paola Grosso (UvA)
  • Dr. Jan van Gemert (TUD)

Education Committee

  • Dr. Clemens Grelck (UvA, chair)
  • Dr. Michel Westenberg (TUE)
  • Dr. Andre Kokkeler (UT)
  • Dr Jacopo Urbani (VU)
  • Dr. Marco Zuniga (TUD)

External Advisory Council

  • Gerard van Oortmerssen (Tilburg University)
  • Ph.N. de With (Logica CMG Nederland BV)
  • Ing. Sybren de Vries (Chess Embedded Technology) 


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