A9 - Fundamentals and Design of Distributed Systems

From: November 5 to 7, 2013

 ASCI Course a9: Fundamentals and Design of Distributed Systems

Lecturers: D.H.J. Epema (TUD/TUe)
Dr. S. Voulgaris (VU)


This course is intended for PhD students who perform research in, or who are simply interested in, distributed systems to learn more about fundamental concepts in such systems. The focus of this course is on information dissemination in large-scale distributed systems (gossiping protocols), online social networks and peer-to-peer systems (performance, reputation systems), and fault tolerance and consensus (reaching agreement in the face of faults).

This course consists of three days of lectures. It will be concluded with a short paper by each participant on the connection between his research topic and the contents of the course, or with a short literature survey on one of the topics of the course. The participants will review papers of other participants, and a selection of the papers will be presented in one full day.

Dates of lectures: Nov 5-7, 2013
Location: TU Delft

Date of paper presentations: early spring 2014


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