External Courses

"An education plan must include at least 3 courses and may include summerschools. Of these courses and/or summer school sessions, at least 2 and preferably 3, should be organized by ASCI".

So ASCI PhD students also have the opportunity to follow one course/summerschool outside ASCI. Below you can find information on courses by other dutch researchschools and external courses and summer/winterschools.

"The education plan should include the attendance of conferences or workshops (at least 3) and/or courses on writing or presenting. This section should account at least for 6 study points".

Most universities offer generic courses like writing or presenting to their PhD students. Below you can find the links to the relevant pages of the universities. 


Courses by other dutch researchschools

 With these dutch researchschools we have an agreement that ASCI PhD's can follow their courses for free (and vice versa that their PhD's can follow ASCI courses for free):


External courses and summer/winter schools

Below just a few external courses are listed. But of course other external courses can also be considered. Please note that every external course or summer/winter school you wish to add to your ASCI program has to be approved by the ASCI Education Committee! Just send an email to the ASCI office with the relevant URL and we will let you know a.s.a.p. if this specific course is approved and if so for how many ECTS. 


Generic courses at universities

TU Delft


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