Autumn School on Embedded Systems 2014 - September 30, 2014

Tuesday September 30 - Friday October 3, 2014
Autumn School on Cyber physical systems  
Theme: Cyber physical systems
Soesterberg, Kontakt der Kontinenten

The central theme of this ASCI school is "Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)". The term CPS refers to the integration of embedded computation with physical processes. Embedded computers monitor, interact, and control physical processes, often with feedback loops, where physical processes affect computations and vice versa. For example, next generation high-tech professional systems such as for medical imaging, lithography, smart electricity grids, intelligent transportation, electron microscopy and high-end printing require a tight coordination between computation, communication and control elements (the cyber part) on the one hand, and physical processes such as heating, cooling, motion, vibrations, etc. (the physical part) on the other hand. The design of such systems requires understanding of the joint dynamics of computers, software, networks and physical processes.

Program (PDF)

Abstracts of the presentations

Slides of presentations

Credits and challenge
At the start of the autumn school students get a challenge related to CPS. Students can work in groups of two on this challenge. At the end of the week there is a timeslot where students can present the solution of the challenge.
Students that want to get the 4 ECTS for the PhD program for ASCI have to hand in a short paper on their solution within one week after the autumn school.

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