ASCI.OPEN 2015 - March 23, 2015

ASCI.Open 2015

20th Annual Conference of the
Advanced School for Computing and Imaging

De Flint
March 23, 2015


The Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI) is pleased to announce its 20th annual conference.

The ASCI.Open conference provides a forum for PhD students and senior members of the ASCI School alike to report on and discuss their research projects. ASCI.Open 2015 will feature a keynote talk, oral presentations 
and a social event. Members of the ASCI community are invited to submit full papers before the submission deadline.

ASCI.Open (Monday, March 23, 2015) is organised the day before ICT.Open (March 24-25, 2015) in the same location: De Flint in Amersfoort, and everyone is highly encouraged to attend both ASCI.Open and ICT.Open 2015. Simultaneous submission of research contributions as an extended abstract to ICT.Open and as a full paper to ASCI.Open is explicitly encouraged.



ASCI will reimburse the conference fee and accommodation expenses up to 
EUR 60.00 per person per night for all members participating in ICT.Open and 
ASCI.Open 2015. First, claim such cost from your own university; after the
conference ASCI will contact your group in order to settle this.




20th Annual Conference of the

Advanced School for Computing and Imaging


De Flint


March 23, 2015





10:00  Arrival at De Flint with coffee and snacks


10:30  Welcome:

Clemens Grelck, University of Amsterdam


10:40  Opening Talk:

Rob van Nieuwpoort, Netherlands eScience Center:

"15 Years of Divide and Conquer on the DAS System"


11:30  Coffee


12:00  Session 1:

Norman Jaklin, Utrecht University:

"Path-cost Analysis and Real-Time Path Computation in Weighted Regions"

Zhenyang Li, University of Amsterdam:

"Attributes Make Sense on Segmented Objects"

Alexandru Uta, VU Amsterdam:

"MemEFS: an Elastic In-Memory Runtime File System"


13:00  Lunch


14:00  Session 2:

Samaneh Abbasi, TU Eindhoven:

"Automated Orientation Score-based Retinal Vessel Segmentation of Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Immages" (short talk)

Fan Huang, TU Eindhoven:

"Multiple Fundus Features in Early Diabetes Detection" (short talk)

Alexey Ilyushkin, TU Delft:

"Scheduling Workloads of Workflows with Unknown Task Runtimes"

Song Wu, Leiden University:

"RIFF: Retina-inspired Invariant Fast Feature Descriptor"

Zhongyu Lou,  University of Amsterdam:

"Extracting Primary Objects by Video Co-Segmentation"

Nicolae Vladimir Bozdog, VU Amsterdam:

"PeerMatcher: Decentralized Partnership Formation"


15:30  Coffee


16:00  Session 3:

Wouter van Toll, Utrecht University:

"Towards Believable Crowds: A Generic Multi-Level Framework for Agent Navigation"

Jiong Zhang, TU Eindhoven:

"Numerical Approaches for Linear Left-invariant Diffusions on SE(2), their Comparison to Exact Solutions, and their Applications in Retinal Imaging"

Yanming Guo, Leiden University:

"A Comparison between Artificial Neural Network and Cascade-Correlation Neural Network in Concept Classification"


17:00  ASCI PhD Meeting, De Flint


17:45  City walk:

Starts at De Flint, ends at Restaurant Dara


19:15  Dinner, best presentation award, pub quiz:

Restaurant Dara, Grote Koppel 5, 3813AA Amersfoort





Clemens Grelck (Universiteit van Amsterdam, chair)

Alexandru Iosup (Technische Universiteit Delft)

André Kokkeler (Universiteit Twente)

Marlous Weghorst (Universiteit Twente, local arrangements)

Frank van der Stappen (Utrecht Universiteit)

Ana Lucia Varbanescu (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Spyros Voulgaris (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Michel Westenberg (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)





Or contact the ASCI.OPEN 2015 general chair:


Clemens Grelck

Universiteit van Amsterdam






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