ICT with Industry 2015 - December 7, 2015


The five-day’s workshop, from Dec. 7 - 11, 2015, is organized by NWO Physical Sciences (EW) and STW in close collaboration with the researchschools ASCI, IPA and SIKS. It aims to bring together scientists, in particular (junior) research staff and PhD’s, and professionals from industry and government to face and resolve complex study cases. The workshop starts with 5 companies and 1 governmental organization who will present their practical business challenges to be followed by an intense week of analyzing, discussing, modeling and accelerating solutions for the business cases.

Why participate?

  • In a collaborative and creative environment as ICT with Industry there will be many opportunities to expand your research and industrial network.
  • The workshop is expected to lead to a number of new scientific papers and/or research initiatives.
  • The workshop is acknowledged by the research schools, ASCI, IPA and SIKS, as part of the Credit Point system. Credits will be allocated upon evaluation and final assessment. ASCI PhD's: this workshop can be added to your programme counting as a regular ASCI course!


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